Jesse Makes Sound

Jesse Holt, Niimpuu (Nez Perce), is an accomplished Audio Designer and Composer with over 22 years experience designing interactive soundscapes for a wide range of video games across a wide variety of platforms. 

​Jesse has primarily worked as sole in-house Audio Designer, a one-man audio solutions guy. He's used to wearing many hats and solving a dynamic range of challenges in a timely manner. Being an in-house audio provider for a game development team also means that one must be capable of having meaningful, actionable discourse with members of the art team, developers, animators, executives, PR folks, and even custom service representatives. This is Jesse Holt. 

​Jesse takes the art of creating soundscapes and composing music for games seriously. Whether it’s creating music to amaze, sound effects to excite, or ambient loops to entrance, Jesse's intentions are to create world-class audio content. He also understands the need to create compelling audio content that heightens the game player's sense of immersion, interaction, excitement, and most of all, fun.