Jesse Holt (Nez Perce) is an accomplished audio designer, composer, and musician who has worked in the games industry for over two decades.

Sounds Good, Jesse!

Welcome to the world of sound and music where creativity and joy are the order of the day! With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in the games industry, Jesse Holt has worked on countless games, spreading joy and excitement to players all over the globe. Now, he's bringing his expertise to the world of casino games, creating captivating and unforgettable soundscapes that transport you straight to the heart of the casino action. 

But that's not all! This multi-talented artist has also carved out a name for himself as a lead guitar player, sharing his love for music with audiences far and wide. He's rocked out on stage with numerous bands and even hosted a popular TV show on CBS! With his contagious energy and passion for game audio and showbiz, he's a true entertainer at heart. 

Whether you're seeking the ultimate sound design for your next game, the perfect UX audio design for a website or app, or simply itching to jam to some epic guitar riffs, Jesse Holt has got you covered. So come on and join the celebration - let's make some beautiful music together!

Video Samples

In-Game Music


"Back in the day, I was lucky to be working on a licensed Twilight Zone video slots game... But we didn't have the license to the iconic music. Well, Jesse cooked up a score that just nailed the Twilight Zone feel, while being completely original. Every other sound in the game was perfect, too. I can't imagine that game without his touch.  

Jesse is incredibly talented and incredibly easy to work with. From beeps 'n' boops to original music, he can handle anything your game needs."

Matt Staroscik, Director of Products / Telehealth workflow expert & patent holder

"I judge every casino machine and game sound scheme by the work you’ve done, and practically none compare. Your ear is perfectly tuned and your experience in this domain means few can understand it as well. Huge thumbs up for your work and ethos, and look forward to losing more of my cash on your titles."

 Durin Gleaves

"Jesse is one of the best, super talented, fast and good at iterating. Very high quality work and really easy to work with to make things sound amazing. Would highly recommend if you need audio getting an opportunity to jam with him. He will bring the quality of your entire product up. I Worked with him at Presence and he did the audio for our VR music platform GrooVR as well as independent projects, Would highly recommend."

Greg Chudecke, Graphics & Tech Lead at BigBoxVR

Released Music

"The Unfolding" is a 10-track EP released in 2022 with the intention of serving as musical medicine for those impacted by the pandemic. It features the dreamy pop-inspired track "Dance Before The Creator." Each song is infused with positivity and hope, resulting in an uplifting and inspirational musical experience that is sure to leave listeners feeling lighthearted and inspired.


Black Eye

Holiday In Dystopia