Jesse Holt is a queer Nimíipuu (Nez Perce) musician and audio designer.  He has put together bands with friends and brothers including Maxi, The Bondage Boys and most notably, Second Coming, taking the stage at least 5-10 times per year. A man of many moods and talents, Jesse uses both free flow noodling on his guitar as well as disciplined, consistent composing practices to capture the melodies that live and breathe in his creative center.  This multifaceted ability has led to an incredibly prolific songwriting career, though he reserves much of his work for his close friends and has released only five EPs to the public.  He has good news for the intense and loyal fan base he’s attracted over the years: he will be releasing new music on the regular starting with his new EP, “the.unfolding,” available for download here.

His plans now include continuing his career as one of the most sought-after audio designers in the gaming industry, bringing his experience to innovative and ethical young companies; fighting for equality and human rights for all people, and sharing his music.

New Music